Ubud Bali Honeymoon Destination // H&R

Heather and Rolland spend their honeymoon in Bali for two weeks and They fell in love with Bali so much. So to memorizing this special events, at the end of their honeymoon trip, Heather and Rolland decide to do photo shoot with us.

We start the photo session in the early morning in Tegalalang rice terrace. To avoid the crowd from people cross by and get the misty ambience. As well as to capture the beautiful green rice field as the trend mark of Ubud Village. Heather and Rolland really enjoy their first photo session.

After the early session at Tegalalang rice terrace, we headed to Blangsinga waterfall, the most favourite spot for photographs. The entrance to the waterfall and the stair to reach waterfall has been renovated. It’s easier to walk down through waterfall.

Thank you Heather and Rolland, Hope you enjoy your honeymoon trip in Bali.

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