Bali Photographer // Jennifer and Garrett

We still remember the first we met Jennifer and Garrett, They come to our office to discussed what they plan to do for their destination wedding. They took their long weekend holiday to arrange their wedding in Bali to met us as their photographer and videographer, also looking for the best venue to transform into their simple dream wedding, Jennifer and Garrett only want to find the best waterfall that they can use for their wedding. After many many suggestion and recommendation finally they made a decision and here they are!

The weather at that time was a bit cloudy but luckily not rain. Started the day by walk down through 500 step to the waterfall. Exhausted? No! Happy face, exciting, full of spirit was painted on their face.

We continue to have post wedding photo session at the Rice Field near to waterfall. After lunch we headed to temple in Denpasar area. Jennifer and Garrett dress up like a fairy tales prince and princess. Jennifer wear red gown and match with Garrett with suit and tie. They look amazing and perfect.

The last location have the photo session on the cliff and beach at Jimbaran area.

Once again congratulation Jennifer and Garrett, Happily ever after and have a blessed marriage life.

Scroll down to see how Jennifer and Garret celebrate their wedding in Bali.

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