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    A Photo has A Lots of Meaning

    It’s Your story...
    Laugh - Love - Hope

    We’ll invite you to share the unforgettable wonderful moments in your life. You are reminded of how you walked down the altar, glancing at the love of your life. Feeling the thumping of your heart again and the legs quivered with excitement.
    Danny Halim Productions is a Bali Wedding Photography Company, who sets the highest standard for artistic wedding photojournalism in Bali and the other country. We want to share your unforgettable and relievable moments with your loved ones. Whether it's the sweet smile from the love of your life, the tears of happiness from your family or your love story.
    We offer customization and flexibility like no other. Create pictures that capture your love and tell your story.
    We will translate your own unique original story, unforgettable moment into amazing everlasting photographs.

    We also offers photography and movie works for couples, engagement, wedding, pre-wedding, kids, families, fashion, documentary, journalism, events, product, interior, company profile, video clip, dinner, and any event that can be captured by a lens.

    Book your special date now :)
    For further details and complementary consultation feel free to contact us by Yahoo Messenger or e-mailing us at dannyhalim.bali@yahoo.com

Singapore Wedding Photography // ND & MEL

Singapore Wedding // Danny Halim // Singapore Photographer

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