Indian Wedding in Bali // The Mansion Ubud // M&H // Bali Photographer

Bali Destination Indian Wedding are typically full of rituals. In fact, cultural elements are so meaningful and make it so special. The wedding always take 3 days in row from morning to night with lot’s of ceremony to follow.

We always amaze that Indian wedding dresses are usually colourful. it’s called “sari” that’s brightly coloured and adorned with gold embroidery, which symbolizing commitment, spirituality, and fertility. A bride might also apply a dash of red kumkuma powder to her forehead for good luck.

Megha and Harish brought their wedding tradition from India to Bali. The wedding took place at The Mansion, Ubud. Start the first day ceremony called Mehndi, The Bride arrange a Mehndi party with female attendants only days before the wedding, much like a bachelorette party. It is believed that the darker the bride’s henna appears, the stronger her marriage will be.

The second day called Sangeet ceremony or most likely talked about pre-wedding event. This celebration of two families in the union of their children. Women of the family get together several days before the wedding day, surround the bride and sing traditional wedding songs.

On the last day, in the morning Megha and Harish apply Haldi, A Yellow Tumeric paste, onto themselves for good luck. the paste is believed to ward off evil spirit and provide powerful healing properties. Follow with the ceremony of pouring yellow rice where Megha and Harish will see each other after a long wedding ritual that they has passed. Pouring rice as a symbol of auspiciousness, prosperity and fertility. The last but not listed finally at the reception as the main wedding. Megha and Harish were announced as husband and wife.

Congratulation Megha & Harish and have a happy married life!

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