Conrad Bali Wedding Destination // Melissa & Ren Han // Bali Photographer

“Everyday is a celebration of love with you that I wouldn’t miss a day.” 

Melissa and Ren Han fly from Australia to Bali for their romantic wedding in Conrad, Bali. To be honest we always amaze with this beautiful chapel, the stunning view of Indian ocean, the infinity chapel become the top listed chapel in Bali. A beach front glass wedding chapel, Infinity, gives an illusion of floating two meters above sea level. The day was perfect, everything went at the right time.
Moreover all of their family and friend flight from Malaysia and Australia to witness their romantic vow and wedding.

A marriage is like a tree. It needs much water, sunlight, and dollops of patience, trust and grace to grow. But if it grows strong, it will be able to withstand the elements, and provide shelter for generations to come. Wish your love grow forever and felt deeply in love.
Congratulations Melissa and Renhan. Thank you for trusting us to be a part in your special day.

Bali Wedding Video // Bali Wedding Photographer

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