Albert & Inge’s wedding at Villa Latitude Bali

The unity of marriage when two soul become one, when we talk about soulmate what we think is the person who willing to know and understand us more than anyone else, that someone who makes you a better person, not by changing us to someone else, but we/ourself change because they inspire each other. Soulmate is the one we will carry on any issue together and find the best solution to keep up or grow the perfect relationship for each other. And no matter what happen you will always love each other and nothing could separate them apart.

Feeling like you are too different with your partner?

Albert and Inge are two different type of person, Inge is all about details and Albert is easy going person. we believe in every relationship has some kind of differences, therefore in this difference we learn to complete each other. we need to learn to enjoy the differences.

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