Intercontinental Bali // Jiaping & Chen

Communication is the important key.

Key to a good relationship are communication. That means knowing how to effectively express yourself and how to listen properly. Relationship can’t grow without the proper amount of communication.
Lastly said Communication is the important role when we to grow from relationship into marriage.

Jiaping and chen planning to get married in Bali, but due to her pregnancy and baby born closed to their wedding date so their wedding plan has to be postponed. Then finally they can make it to come to Bali again for their dream wedding with their cute baby girl. So much fun and happy as newly wed, bride and groom can invite their family and friends to the wedding, but how lucky if it’s include the baby from the bride and groom. Although this baby seem like didn’t understand what happened on this special day, but she can see the special moment when her parent tying the knot.
Congratulation Jiaping and Chen.

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