Ayana Resort Bali Wedding // Kristin & Andrew

Only two of us

To keep the relationship in fresh and renewed or to avoid the boredomness, are getting away with your spouse. not only by special occasion, but every time you have free time or when you feel you have to go, looking for new inspiration and refreshing. In marriage also suggested to do it as frequently as possible,” only two of us”.

Everyday we will getting much more busy with many many work and job list to do, (work, job, task, routine activity, and Kids!), and everything else that sucks up our time can end up leaving us both starved for good, quality time together. Keyword: quality. The funny thing is, even our ‘relaxation’ time ends up draining us of deep connection if we sit in front of the TV or spend time surfing the internet—Facebook, news, YouTube—you know what I’m talking about.
If we’re not careful, months can go by and we haven’t done anything meaningful or memorable together. Then when the year is past, we look back and wonder what happened, something just feels half-baked about what we did.

Getting away is important because it re-centers our relationship and refreshes our hearts.

Think of getting away with your spouse as a way of ‘fasting’ or cleansing your relationship from distractions. Getting away with your spouse effectively:

Isolates you and your spouse from the world, just for a few moments. This allows you to communicate honestly and fully without distraction
Allows you to create new experiences and memories together, thus adding depth to your history
Removes you from everyday distractions and lifts your thinking
Allows you to have fun together and build your friendship
Helps you put the ‘quality’ back in your quality time
Gives you a time to dream without boundaries and seek agreement on your life direction
Gives you a springboard to seek God’s vision and His call on your marriage (and provide a time for you to pray about it together)

Same as what Kristin and Andrew did for their wedding day, on this special day only two of them, book a flight, choose their dream wedding venue, book photographer/videographer and at the end their wedding go as smooth as what they planned. Getting away together.
Congratulation Kristin and Andrew.

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